A day with the cast of Ultimatum

If you’re a Singaporean and the word Ultimatum sounds unfamiliar to you, perhaps you should try to watch some local dramas some time. Yes, I agree there isn’t much nice shows by the locals BUT, this show is different. Remember ‘the unbeatables’ decades back when you were still having your pacifier or still swimming around, then you wouldn’t really recall it. That kind of drama is what we always want and something not always delivered to us. The ‘golden path’ was another drama that can make me go home just to watch that 1 hour every weekday.

Thanks to I-Weekly, I went with my dearest baby girl to queue at the front of the stage so that we can capture good shots of the casts. start drooling girls!

Random event before the ultimatum cast

Introduction to the ultimatum!

PINGHUI smirks. lol!

TAY PING HUI with his smirks. 

Another collage of Tay Ping Hui (he sure loves to smirk!)

FELICIA CHIN. so cute!

FELICIA sweet smile
FELICIA! sweet.

ELVIN! cute and handsome..

And we managed to have a hand-shaking session with the casts which was totally not in our plans initially.  my girl wanted to shake fann’s hand so badly and I can’t resist Felicia either. Hahaha.. 

PS: it is indeed my lucky day today. Imagine after wasted $10 on the UFO catcher, today I managed to recuperate my losses by winning 2 softtoys with just $4 at the UFO catches. I love these machines, at times.