A Tribute To Micheal Jackson

My childhood idol, Micheal Jackson has been taken away, going back into arms of god. I liked his music, his style and his talent except his beliefs. I think he should’t have went for all those ‘modification’ to his physical self but still, I think I just like his music and talent.

(Taken from yahoo.com)

Rest well. May your music continue to live and you always be in our hearts. <3


MCR -Desolution Row cover

This song was originally sang by Bob Dylan (one of the legends in the rock music industry)  And YES!  My Chemical Romance has finally sang something new that I can put into my iTunes instead of replaying their ‘black parade’.  I’ve been listening to it for like, 2.5years?  When I just place my foot into the ulu (outcast) island, Tekong, their album has accompanied me in my iPOD nano then till now, in my iTOUCH.  Gees.