Photo recovery on media

I thought I was at the point of no return.  I brought home my compact flash card last saturday without my camera, thinking that my cheap multi-card reader should be able to read the card and even if it doesn’t, it won’t hurt my card.  I was, so wrong.  While I was copying the second file from the media card, the system suddenly pops out ‘unable to detect card’ and the beep sound came off.  It was the usual whenever I use the card reader, its very unstable and I thought it was the norm.

Yesterday I brought the media card back with me to school and tried to access it with my camera.  Good o’heaven, the media card is corrupted and the information is all gone.  I spent hours researching on the softwares that will allow me to recover these lost images, without costing me because I’m still a student and as expected, the online monopoly only contributes their sharewares for download.  Sharewares are function-limited copies of the original software, they require you to pay to unlock the rest of the functions and sharewares are usually unsafe as they bring along sometimes adware/spywares.

I thank google again for having this great website that has this software, PhotoRec.  Its a really amazing software that has enabled me to recover my photos through a card-reader (I bought a used card reader today from school mate).  Can’t imagine the pain I have to go through without the pictures.

And thanks Christophe GRENIER, for his amazing testdisk and photorec which allows data recovery.


Super makeovers

I guess these pictures are the only thing that I can satisfy myself that Im good looking enough. lol!  Hell yea, I know I am dreaming ofcourse, but technology is indeed very amazing.  With just a few ‘expert’ clicks and *poof* A superstar kinda portrait =)  Yeah the first photo is over saturated.. I wanted to create a kind of ‘HDR’ photo but I think its too redish and over saturated.  The latter looks more ‘raw’ ofcourse, and I will be using it for my JCRC photo!