A Photo With Vernetta Lopez

Me and Vernetta Lopez

Oh.. for those of you who wasn’t born yet when I was watching Under One Roof starring Moses Lim, this is Vernetta Lopez who co-stared in the series as Moses Lim’s Daugher =) ¬†Haven’t seen her on the screen for a long long time until that day, during my friend’s Solemnization, she was the emcee for them and this is how I got the chance to get this close up shot with her ūüėÄ

She is a very friendly and approachable person. ¬†If I wasnt carried away by my friends solemnization I might have sat down right beside her table and start asking her questions like ‘OMG! I haven’t seen you on the screen for a long long time! Whats keep you busy lately!?’ etc.

So I came back home and started googling about her (since I didn’t get my chance to ask her) and came upon an article that has her interview with questions I might wanna ask.

So for those of you who are getting married soon, you might considering hiring her services (or visit www.eternallyyours.com.sg)

And this is not an advertisement.  This is out of goodwill my friends!


Xiaoye & Adeline’s Solemnization

I was actually looking forward to this day a long time ago because the couple had been in the relationship for quite some time.. At last they got married =)!

The theme for the ceremony was ‘Alice in Wonderland’, preset by Adeline. ¬†So I bought some stuffs back from Bangkok hoping that I would use them all today for a good and memorable scene back in their mind but apparently, when I reached the venue.. I’m shocked. ¬†Looks like I was the only odd 1 out. ¬†My hair is not styled, my shirt is so retro, and so is my brown camera bag.. I was wearing jeans instead of pants and the only thing I did right, was to wear a pair of white shoes.

Basically, most of my friends ignored the theme and went on with their preferred traditional costume; a black shirt with grey vest, pair of black pants and pointed leather shoes. ¬† Yes I was the only 1 who wanted to go along with the theme; how despairing I felt. ¬†So I kept the hideous orange wig and silverish glittering hat all the night, just in case they would want me to wear the whole night but luckily they didn’t! ¬†Else I would really be the odd 1 out!

Nonetheless, here are the photos that I have taken & processed using Lightroom..

It seem that the restaurant had very limited library of songs that can be played and the songs were not very romantic either.. they were playing songs like Waka Waka (hello? world cup is over and this ain’t african wedding?), and this 60s top chart a-go-go song:

Went to the newly wed house for drinking + sabotage session but ended got sabotaged instead.  Think I lost my mojo for drinking spirits already!  I used to be a good drinker =/ better than most of them but now I got wasted so early before them!  Im the weakest among all of them now!  Shit..  The game we played:




One of the night sister came running into my room and shout ‘HEY! CLICK FIVE IS COMING TO SG!’ and ima like ‘WTF!? WHEN!? HOW MUCH!?’ ¬†She then told me that only exclusive invites and we need to get the invites by buying a Samsung phone so without further ado, we checked everyone’s mobile plan and see who’s plan is expiring soon then we went over to buy a Samsung Galaxy S the next day – thats right, just for the pair of tickets! ¬†After reaching there, then we realise that its actually opened to public as well but just the that public seats are really quite back so thank god we had the VIP tickets. ¬†By 8.30pm, the organisers saw that the seats for the VVIP are not evern 20% filled, so they decided to ‘upgrade’ VIP seats to VVIP! which made every crazy clickfive fans running to the front to get the seats!

And thats how I got a good view to take photos =) Free VVIP seats!


FIR Concert

Attended the FIR concert with @princesspinky89 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. ¬†The performance was fantastic and awesome!! ¬†She had a very good vocal and stamina and together with the 2 other members, they rocked the stage so hard that it gave all of us a wonderful and unforgettable night. ¬†Their song list includes a number of their billboard hits such as Fly Away, Lydia, Revolution, Qian Nian Zhi Lian and etc. ¬† Another thing that struck me was she did a cover of another song by the name of ‘in the arms of an angel’, I have never heard this song before but when I heard her sing, I just feel like letting my emotions go.. ¬†Heres a short recorded segment of her cover:

In the Arms of an Angel

Arms of an Angel by Sarah McLachan & Josh Groban:

FIR concert featuring guest, Sun Yanzi Stephanie who also sang Venus and Wo Bu Nan Guo in the concert..


Jay Chou Concert 2010 – World Tour Singapore

Could have taken more photos at the concert but was stopped by the crews (instead of security) and I had to spoke to the supervisor so that I dont have to place my expensive equipment in their incompetent plastic lockers. ¬†By placing my camera in their lockers, I have to ensure that I dont lose the keys (myself) and worry about my equipment because its out of my sight! ¬†I really condemn Singapore Indoor Stadiums for their security policies. ¬†Places like D’marquee and Singapore Expo dont even restrict you from bringing DSLR in. ¬†This is freedom. ¬† Afterall, everyone who paid for the concert expects to bring some memories home so thats why we bring a DSLR to capture the moments. ¬† ¬†I’m not the only 1 whining about the Singapore Indoor Stadium policies. ¬†Infact, everytime there is a concert at the indoor stadium, I would think thrice whether to attend the concert. ¬†Ofcourse, we’re there to support the singers and watch their live performances but thinking about the policies just irks me.

I’ve got more Jays photo to share but they’re not sharp and clear =( ¬†All thanks to the hide&seek game I was playing with the crews. ¬†Nonetheless, I had enjoyed myself alot in the concert. ¬†And by the way, this is the first time I attended a FULL HOUSE concert in Singapore! ¬†Very very full! ¬†And so full, he had to do 3 concerts to fulfill most of our desires! ¬† He’s fucking fantastic. ¬†Anyways, here are some videos done by @princesspinky89:




Witnessing an accident

I never thought that I would ever see an accident right infront of me and today I did and ¬†right infront of my naked eyes. ¬†The car infront of me was trying to move out into the opposite lane on a T-junction. ¬†However, there was a traffic light at another junction so the car was waiting for some clearance at the junction box before he moves out. ¬†A class 4 lorry then came and stopped at the junction box, allowing the car to move out to the opposite road. ¬†When the car was moving out slowly from the junction box, then came a few motorcycles in slow speed and they didnt know that there is a car coming out because it was blocked by the lorry. ¬†The car also did not know about the existence of the motorbikes, so he slowly moved out. ¬†In a split second, 1 motorbike which was the first to cross the junction box missed by a few inches from the car, just that few inches. ¬†Then another motorbike was less fortunate. ¬†She wasnt able to stop in time and the accident was in a split second. ¬†Her front wheel hit onto the car’s front right wheel gap, which caused tremendous impact on her bike and body. ¬†She was thrown almost 180degrees onto the front of the car bonnet and fell to the ground immediately.

Other then the driver who hit her, I came out from my vehicle to help her as well.  I have a first aid cert on hand, it is my duty to ensure that she is safe and sound.  Then I called the emergency hotline for ambulance which took them about 10mins because of traffic congestions during that peak period.  The police officers came down in a swift moment to provide support for the victim and stabilizing the traffic condition.  Then I left my statement and particulars and left the place.

During that period, ofcourse there were hundred pairs of eyes looking at us and noone volunteered/offered to help in any way =/  Really disappointed with the people.  But again, who would want to poke their noses into this kind of thing?  When garment says give money, everyone wants to take.  When someone have accident, you see until happy liao walk away~  That is life =(

I dont want to see this kind of accident anymore.  Please.


Jay Chou Concert 2010

Image from phing.com

In barely 2hours, Singapore official leading ticket seller in charge of selling the tickets for Jay Chou 2010 Concert tickets, Sistic, got ‘raped’ virtually as crazy fans hog on to the website since 9am and telephone lines were so busy, I bet they haven’t have a condition like this before.

The website couldn’t take the load as thousands of fans try to best to click on the button that can bring that them mayhem this 24th July. ¬†His concert was long waited. ¬†Everyone seized the chance of getting the tickets and none, would actually give up their tickets. ¬†The sales started at 9am on the website for OCBC card holders only. ¬†Even for those without OCBC credit/debit cards, they hog on to the tickets for as long as they could so that in the mean time they could get someone with an OCBC card to help them purchase the tickets.

Ironically, I have an OCBC card.  I could have placed my order as early as all the other crazy fans would but I wasnt able to.  In my OCBC Debit card, its value would never exceed more than 3 digits because I would only use it to watch movies.  Occasionally, on Sistic tickets but its really rare, and I would transfer some money in before I purchase the ticket.

The crazy phenomenon is that Everyone SEEMS to own an OCBC card. ¬†I have no idea either. ¬†Tickets were selling damn fast and by the next time you refresh your browser, ‘boo’, whats left is some unwanted category and single seats. ¬†I tried calling into the office, hoping they have their own ‘GUI’ like those cinema tickets where they can choose the seats but the customer service representative insisted that they share the same system as us. ¬†Which is, what they see is the same as us, so it really made the call pointless.

And there were some mofos who actually seized the opportunity to purchase MORE tickets and selling at incredibly HIGH margin. ¬†Cat1 ($228) tickets were selling at $500 each. ¬†Cat 2 ($198) were selling at $400 each. ¬†Cat3 ($168) were selling at $350 each. ¬†The price above was at the point I wanted to make my purchase over the ‘black market’ at phing.com and olx.sg. ¬†After contacting the sellers, they actually raised the value, saying there were people offering at this bid and ask if you wish to increase the bid.

This is auctioning, which is fine. ¬†Duh~ Seems like anyone would really PAY any price beyond imagination to watch his concert BUT… But… BuT.. I deem these retards as mentally challenged. ¬†These black market sellers ARE trying to make a profit and they are supporting their action! ¬†They don’t even host the concert or allows you to gain SPECIAL entry to the concert, its JUST a concert, still. ¬†You’re still sitting down, listening to his¬†melancholy¬†voice but at twice the price others would pay. ¬†If I were to sit beside you and found that you actually pay twice the price, I would paste a label at the back of your seat. ¬†“Retard, Head KENA CHOPPED!”

On another happier note, theres one more concert coming up =) ¬†I hope this time round dont have so many ‘black market’ opportunity and lets enjoy his concert together!


Kittylab Tour to Singapore

Inside the Kittylab was really very interesting with sanrio’s cartoon characters around and the cute little buildings that simulates the town of Sanrio. ¬†When we entered, we were briefed on the basic instructions such as NO PHOTOGRAPHY and NO VIDEOGRAPHY, how to navigate the town and where to look for help etc. ¬†Its like entering the science center, amazing.

Then we were given a kind of a token called KTA.  The KTA will allow us to move from station to station, playing games and winning accessories for your HelloKitty in it, then at the end of the tour you can exchange the KTA for a card which will have all your kitty information.

Then when touring in the lab, people start taking photos like nobody’s business despite tons of staffs telling them no photography allowed. ¬†The most drastic thing is that I saw a person holding on to a DSLR? ¬†Hello? ¬†Isnt it damn obvious? ¬†I mean the staff could have just offered to ‘keep’ the item for the person right? ¬†On the website it has already written no photography allowed? ¬†If that thing doesn’t get confiscated, I doubt @princesspinky89’s camera is going to, so I told her to take out her camera and just shoot whatever she want. ¬†If the management screws me up, i will fuck them up.

Anyway I believed most of the staff did saw others taking out their cameras and phones but they could do nothing but verbal warning. ¬†So the tour will be until 29th November and if you’re thick skinned like us enough, yeah you should just take out your camera and take photos. ¬†You paid for it, so did anyone else.

The gaming things will take you about 30-45minutes at most, but you can mingle in there for the rest of the time taking photos but do avoid the staffs because they will come and nag and nag and nag ‘no photo please’ then you smile and pretend to keep and continue taking after they turn away thats all =p

Enjoy your tour!


Miss Singapore, Ris Low Resigns

Been famous for the past few months for her poor command of English and had her interview on youtube with more than 200,000 views, this Miss Ris Low (aka) Miss Singapore Universe 2009 was in no way low profile.

Seriously, I won’t even care who won the Miss Singapore title until the youtube URL came into my MSN by my friends for mocking at her english and singlish, BOOMZ. ¬†Pronouncing prints as preens, STEEL studying etc. ¬†And I think if she had enough grooming for her competition, she should not just walk/behave like a model, but TALK like a model.

A bigger news hit her when she was charged for credit card fraud and they intend not to let the media know.  When you try to hide something and people find out, it will only create more trouble and woes.

And my friend even found her name on Wikipedia now. ¬†She’s globally known! ¬†If not for the competition, she could have gotten her conviction without anyone knowing.


NTU SCE/MSE Orientation Camp 2009 (Cosa Nostra)

I participated in an orientation camp last week as a Senior for the new upcoming students. ¬†I didn’t attend this camp last year because I was still in the army (and I anticipated that engineering camp is boring because of the large number of guys compared to girls!) ¬†but this camp proved that I was wrong! ¬†The committee kept the ratio as equal as possible so that during ‘pairing’ games, no individuals will have to team with the same gender!

Other than been a good Senior during the camp, ofcourse I did bring my DSLR to take photos =)  A total of more than 3000 shutters been snapped and memory card was almost finished but thank god I borrowed from Mr Sunny!  Here are some of the things that we do during the camp!

Day 1:

We played ice-breaking games in Boon Lay bus interchange while waiting for some of the seniors to join our group and await for programmers to settle down in school first! ¬†Then we went to school to continue playing games and then went off for amazing race at 4 – 5PM! ¬†The amazing race took us the whole night and the last station was at Vivocity. ¬†We then took a bus into a resort called ‘City Beach’ to settle down ourselves. ¬†Then the seniors starts to tekan them at around 1am by blinding fold and asking them to say funny and humourous things such as ‘im a good guy!’ and ‘good guy die very badly!’ etc. ¬†Never did they know right after the tekan, they got their SP night! ¬†Playing prank with them and their SP when they’re been blindfolded can be awefully fun and sweet! ¬†We cleared the freshies to bed at about 3am.

Day 2:

An early morning 9am, had breakfast and play some games in the morning at Citybeach.. ¬†(CityBeach is in Labrador Park, thus most of our games today was played there! ) Followed by some telematches such as ‘dog and bone’, ‘dodge ball’ ¬†and somemore etc. ¬†Cant clearly remember all and there was a water bombing session at night (which turns out to be dreadful because the programmers drag too long and there seem to be personal grudges on the field =( but who am I to say!) ¬†I watched the last episode of Red Thread by hiding myself in the room during the setup of the waterbombs. ¬†The ending was far from what I had thought of. ¬†Very confusing plot even at the end!

Day 3:

Finally got the chance to come out of Labrador Park once again! ¬†We went for ‘Shi zhi lu kou’ (food hunting!) by going to different places in Chinatown and Central shopping mall, ate the food and went to Harbourfront interchange for our last food, Chicken Rice. ¬†Had our lunch and left for Sentosa where I finally bought my new pairs of slippers at $8 and watched the freshies play the games. ¬†Watching them smile and having fun just makes me feel much younger at times =) ¬†Witness several seniors got thrown down into the sea and lucky for me, I told them I was holding to my camera and gadgets so they should not try to throw me! ¬†Went back to Citybeach resort and settled down but room got really alot of people already, don’t know what they are thinking la, how to squeeze 14 seniors into 1 room? ¬†Besides, some of the seniors don’t even interact with the freshies -_-‘ ¬†More like going there to have their own fun than to help out..

Day 4:

Meet up with their SP. ¬†The guys get tekan to look for their own SP while the girls have wait for their SP to come to them. ¬†They must guess whos the girl with that special ‘nickname’ assigned to them on their first SP night. ¬†Tekan includes different kind of forfeits such as dancing with strangers, singing, strip half naked, etc. ¬†Can have worse than you had imagined but you get the point! ¬†Went to change for their clubbing attire after that, ¬†had buffet dinner catered by the committee (I didnt eat at all! ¬†By the time I reached there, the food all looks so ….) ¬†Nevertheless, I went to drink with an empty stomach! =(

My group was quite good at clubbing with afew good dancers and some drinkers.  Played some games and performed their skit.  Left the place around 12.30am and 1 of the freshie lost her wallet & handphone.  My sympathies for her but there was nothing much we could do either =(  Here comes the funny part:  Joanne drank too much and she got too drunk, she told everyone around her to fuck off and go and die!  LOL!  Unforgettable indeed!

Day 5:

Break camp.  And all of us were so reluctant to leave the place =(

At the end of the day! Our very own ‘where is Matt Harding‘ spoof!

Please take a look at my facebook if you’re looking for more photos/videos, I cant possibly show them all here!

I already miss the camp so much!  I want to go for more!