Yet another complain about M1

Singaporeans sure love to complain, and ofcourse that includes me. Hop on the wagon with the crowd and demand for more. Besides, I’ve been with m1 for more than 10years and we deserve better than those who only came for 2-4years BUT to providers, they will love the 2-4years customers so much because they have spent their salary on it using the 3G and HSPA services. On the other hand, I’ve only been using the student plan so they chose to neglect me? Although my contributions weren’t as much as compared to those customers, at least I had tried to stay with the provider for so long.

With the strong competition and bad economy, everyone is reducing their spending power and that includes me. M1 isnt looking forward to old customers I guess; they’re looking for new.

So whats with loyalty to providers? NAH. To them, we just come and go. Thats how sad providers treat loyal customers.

Starhub and Singtel, on the other hand, is really keeping loyal customers and attracting new customers. I remember receiving a $150 voucher from Starhub despite not subscribing to their mobile services but their CableTV(well, before Singtel introduced their MIO TV, there was only CableTV in Singapore).

Singtel also sent their loyal customers vouchers once the 20months of contract is over.

M1 has only sent me 2 vouchers so far with $50 and $100 vouchers. For those customers more than 10years of loyalty, they should have improvise something better and extraordinary.

Starhub, Im not really saying you’re good. Your cableTV got no recontract plans and that sucks. I’ve been waiting to recontract for free gifts (they only give free gifts to new customers!) but to no avail. Time to reflect too.

With here, I will send in my screenshot about my second complain to M1 about their poor customer service attitude and hopefully I will get a positive answer.