more than just slack

I can't imagine my life is far better off than what I had imagined.  The life now is much more better(slack-ering) than my BMT trainings.  I've been studying for the past few weeks attending labs and lectures (but infact the labs could be complete in an hour but on the schedule it was indented with 2-3hours or sometimes a full day)  The timing allocated was unreasonable; we had to sleep through our days!

Me and my bunk mates party-ed in the bunk by ordering 2 golden pillows from Katong all the way to our camp!  Imagine that kind of life we're leading.  Every afternoon we had an hour's break to rest/sleep.  Every night after 6pm we are sort of 'free' in the camp!

Way to go.  2 more weeks to post out and hopefully I get an easy posting!

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