Happy birthday Zuxin!


Went to meet darling and her mum at their house void deck and had lunch with them at the nearby kopitiam.  While on the way on the bus, I saw a very young couple with a baby boarded the bus, I was thinking this damn couple is really wasting their parent's money.  Confirm Shotgun.  After looking at them for awhile, suddenly the guy looked at me and smile, never did I know it turned out to be Nicholas and Joanna (they were my secondary school frens and we haven't been in contact since graduation letssay around 5years?)  So the fucking rumour about them was right, they're married!  Nicholas just refuse to admit that it's a shotgun but we all know that noone would admit they had a shotgun marriage la.. Had a short conversation with them and soon spread the words around my other secondary school peers.  Bad news spread fast especially when it comes to me. LOL.

We went bugis first to get myself a motorbike helmet.  The shop that my friends recommended me; their staff seem far too busy and they don't serve me sia.. seems attitude.  I bought from another shop lor.. bo bian..

Then window-ed shopping around Orchard and found a shirt that I liked; MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.  they rox. As simple as that. 

Sent darling to the MRT station and went to meet my secondary school friends after that to celebrate's zuxin's 22nd birthday at a pub in pervis street. 


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