First 2 days in new camp

Being posted to the new camp seems to be both a good and a bad thing.  I don't know why the moment I step into the office, people welcome us with wide hands and they were so delighted to see us.  The bad thing is the very minute, i hear them backstabbing about other people who are either bullies or pest.  Office politics you might call it and its just so interesting.  I know I can choose to believe or not but when there is a group of people saying the same thing, you know I have to believe.

The very first night of the camp, the officer was good enough to let us have nights out but the pest insisted on following us out.  The pest is irritating because everyone says he bullies and pushes his job to new people.  He talks non-stop rubbish and blah blah..  So in the end he followed us out.  We went Lot1 to buy new pillow and pillow case (because the camp 1 really cmi la) and I actually wanted to buy a bedsheet la but not enough cash.  Then we played pool and eventually went back to book in.

On the second day, it was another boring day until lunch they suddenly say there' a medical exercise to be carried out by the medical center and we will be involved as 'casulties'.  So each of us were given a card with our physical conditions and we need to act out.  (during the hold-out, I was watching a hilarious show called 'Himalaya Singh' in the enlistees mess; the show is retarded la. hahahaha)  

We were called to move out and act and then the medic was panicking nervously of course; the sirs and other sergeants are watching!  Then I was sent off to the medical center for fake 'further treatment'.  The medic poke the bloodly big needle for drips into my vein and accidentally kicked IT!  I was so shocked la.. 1 of the medical officer saw it and told him to give me a second jab! (I was like, wtf man what if he pui zui again!?)  Luckily the conducting officer saw the situation and told him to stop, let me leave already. HAHAHA! What a relief!

Now I'm having blue-black on that mark he missed. Damn.

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