long holiday mood

well, im still in a holiday mood.  and it pretty sucks to go back camp and work.  I'm like so free for the past 1 week as though those holidays i used to had in poly.

Celebrated my bro's birthday last week in the house but sis and dad wasnt around so we gave him a quick one.  Hopefully he will be able to sort out his thinkings soon.  and not to forget, I also went to the Sitex2007 last week and did not gain anything from it.  Its alittle boring so I went there to test those part time salesperson alittle bit on their technical knowledge 😀  I also managed to play alittle bit on Olympus DSLR but I still feel Nikon is somehow better.

Caught 2 straight movies in a day last week as well; 30days of night and Enchanted.  Sadly the show 30days of night somehow wasn't  really filming in the dark; I could still see sunlight going into the police room even though everywhere else is dark as the power sources were down.  Ravion debated that if thats no light at all, there's no purpose for the movie.   Still, I didnt mean there should be no lights at all, they could have backup power lights.  Enchanted is greatly mesmerising.  Nice music, nice setup, nice storyline; as fantasy as it is. 

Im going back camp now but I will be back out very soon again!  This december is the best last-month-of-the-year I ever had; clearing leaves and offs in a brisk!

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