ill; probably

Will you ever believe that if you say something of the bad omen, the bad will hit you very soon and before you know it, you're already pestered by it?

I merely thought to myself a few days ago that hey, I have not been sick for quite some time eh, so its a good sign that my body is working fine and I can have an eating spree.  Then, I suffered cough and sorethroat the very next day with sore eyes and doctor told my that all those were pre-illness symptons and not to be alarmed.  I was feeling okay after that checkup and ate the medication until yesterday me and my secondary friends went for a dimsum spree that cost A hundred for 6 people and boom! Today I woke up from my persistent-holding-me-down bed with severe migrane, diarrhea and several vomitings.


Hopefully, I can recover immediately so that I won't miss 'My Chemical Romance' Concert this coming Tuesday! God I am so exciting!

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