It has been a wonderful weekend spending my time again with Pinky and shopping around, watching movies and killing time again.  Met up the old school guys at Fisherman last night to have a quick chill and small celebration for SY’s ORD.  He now officially has his Pink IC and I gota slog for 2more months before I get it.

My bro sort of psychoed my dad, with me and bought a new 40" LCD TV for living room.  We currently use a 32" LCD but it looks small when I see it from outside my room (because I got a huge living room!) thus with the new TV, my bro requested to replace his monitor with the old 32".  I’m like. WTF.  SO BIG for a monitor.  Im using his old 22" now and I find it huge enough already.  More clear than anything!  Besides, its widescreen and watching movies with it really makes my experience wonderful.  He requested to swap our sitting area and I agreed.  I have always wanted to conquer his bookcase because he really under-utilise it but he took my NEW bookcase and placed all his DVDs/Comics in it.  I was like wtf.  forget it.  Lying down on the bed, 4.1 sound system, 22" LCD monitor; what else more can I ask for? 

The new Samsung 40" LCD came with new 5.1 surrond sound system and I hook it up for my dad.  It whoops the whole neighbourhood (bass thumbs*).  Its connected to my BMB karaoke sound system as well! KICK ASS! 

Pinky failed her driving on Thursday and broke into tears the moment she came out of the testing centre.  I re-assured her and told her she can do better next time =)  Ofcoz not many people can pass it the first time.  It really require practises and experience!

And while my brother did the migration of swapping our places; HE CRUMPLED MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE POSTERwhat an asshole.

My room is still not neat; he’s always messing around =/.  And I really wonder how to study in NTU if I do not have a hostel and my lessons starts in early morning? gees!

Special thanks to sweety for popping by my house on her own this morning.  Was really shocked to receive her call and hear that she’s outside my doorstep!  its just so sweet.

On a smaller note; I bought my Tamron 70-300mm DI LD 1:2 macro lens from the clubsnap.  The lens, seriously, wasnt up to my expectation.  The auto-focus in lowlight takes too long, you cant stand near to the object because it will not detect it and I have to really stand very far from the object I wanna take photo.   But its good; I can snap anyone from far away =)

Next 2weeks I will be busy with designing the ArmyHalfMarathon2008 website.  I sure hope I would come out with a new and neat design!

And I think I’m sick of lifetype.  There’s no software update and the whole script is not as user friendly to wordpress and wordpress supports more themes and plugins.  I may switch over soon! 

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