debbie loves her new home

Because we love her and we’re gona so pamper her better than my sister =x.  That was a joke =) Pictures to be uploaded next week because I left home in a rush this morning to report back camp for duty.   Opened up my letter box and receive my NTU enrolment package on Friday night after watching Euro2008 at street 11 with my friends.  Gees.  Im both excited and stressed, even before I go to school!  There’s so many administrative preparations and the package came so late. 

Things like, Medical checkup, accomodation reservation, finance for studies (loans), future transportations and etc.  Its cracking up my empty brain shell. 

I wonder if I can concentrate on studies after being in the army for 2 years already.  I am already unhooked from books for so long!

And heres some pictures about my lovely debbie:

debbie1 debbie2

big ears debbie4

View the full gallery here.


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