Before school starts

The few things on hand that I must do/settle before I officially become a student of NTU:

  1. New schoolbag (Crumpler!)
  2. Upgrade labtop (Ram and harddisk, reformat everything since my sis took over 2years ago!)
  3. Have my wisdom tooth extracted (next week!)
  4. New camerabag
  5. Shift my daily neccessities that’s in camp to my hostel
  6. Start reading up on novels to improve my english (for the test!)

Thanks to Pinky, she has helped me to find a roommate to share the hostel in school!  A very big relieve indeed already.

And should I join the faculty’s orientation camp?  I always thought that the difference between local uni and private’s are that the school life is totally different and I should join the orientation to know more friends but somehow at this stage, I find it more of a rather pointless gathering if I were to just make friends wasting $45 and 7days.

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