03 x Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Haven’t been really able to sleep well the past few days because of this Wisdom Tooth Extraction at the NDC.  It was that frightening; imagining the anestatics didnt work and you’re suffering in pain and worse still, hearing patients all around you crying.

I had the latter; when I first reached there, the mood of sadness is there.  Patients are practically crying and running around but hey, those are the little kids that’s just as afraid of the dentist as me!  Who would have a really much positive experience with Dentist?  We all know they pluck and torture most of the time.  But don’t forget that they make our tooth shine as well =)

So I tried really hard to calm myself down despite hearing the crying and tantrums the children were doing.  I had a much better life; at least my mum didn’t force me to go and pluck my tooth when I needed when I was younger. 

Seeing the parents doing all sorts of amazing thing to calm the children did amaze my 1hour of stay there.

Im in total great pain now; gum swells and bleeds nonstop for the past (counts…) like 12hours.  Sickening.  Its gona continue bleeding again but I guess I cant control anything about it. 

‘Just swallow it and U should be fine!’ that’s what the dentist said!

I’ll post up my tooth remains after I took it with my 400D.

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