She was suffering from Pneumonia (like 80% of her lungs were infected) and she suffered something called ‘dynastatine’ or something like that I can’t remember which has absolutely no cure.  Vet told us she was just waiting to be taken.  (her 2nd vaccination was supposed to prevent this illness but she haven’t got injected yet..) And all I know is that she was really suffering, panting her every breath and waiting to be taken by something.  I decided to ease her pain.

She was so excited when she came out from the Isolation cage and saw us waving at her.. but that was the last thing she could ever see.

I so fucking hate the pet farm,  they made me a murderer!

And readers, dont mind spend 1 minute of your time, PLEASE do me a favour, mourn for my debbie that was taken.

God bless her to have a faster reincarnate and find a better home.. she didn’t deserve this!

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