Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 – Korea

It was a breath taking thrill.  I know, most people would not have paid to view fireworks especially on a much ‘random’ slot but I took the step 2 months ago to book the SingaporeFlyer on this day to watch with my dearest Pinky.  Im just trying to create some romantic ambience on this day.  I did watched yesterday with Clarence (My roommate in NTU) and ofcourse it wasn’t as exciting as watching with her.  Today’s display was from Korea and it was much beautiful than yesterday’s from France.

Anyway I wasn’t in time to watch the fireworks in the Flyer capsule, so I was recommended by the kind usher who told me that I would miss the fireworks if I continue to que for the flyer.  I drag miss pinky out and was that close in time to watch the fireworks!  If I hadn’t move out, I would have missed it.  And I panicked not being able to setup my tripod in time.  Gees, I took 30secs – 1min to setup my tall tripod so yeah, I did miss out snapping the front.  Pinky was excited and without the hassle of setting up a tripod, she took out her phone and started recording it as video.

So here’s some of the snaps of the fireworks and after the display, we went onto the capsule and watch the city at night with a group of old folks:

It was a breath taking experience on taking the Singapore Flyer but yet on another hand, I feel that the money is not well spent on this kinda thrills.  The flyer was slow enough and there’s really nothing to be afraid about even when I am so afraid of heights!  The night view was boring other than seeing the city lights, there’s nothing much for me to really feel excited about.  Pinky told me that the sea view from the flyer is great but I could only see reflections of the sky-scraping crane lights.  It was too dark anyway to see other things, thus I indulge her in snapping photos.

If I were to sit in the Flyer again, I would choose to sit in the evening and enjoy the sunset.  Watch the colourful horizon.

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