Still procrastinating

Books seem to be a very distant enemy of me now.  I feel boring look at books; I feel lost looking at the formulaes; I feel helpless.  There always seem to be something distracting me from studies.  Many-a-times I fell asleep during lectures after half an hour of fight with the ZZZ monster (the monster that cause me to sleep!)  It was grown in me during the army days, and without enough time to adapt to my civilisation life, it did not cease in my life at all.  It’s growing stronger and stronger and I hate it.  GET AWAY FROM ME ZZZ monster (im getting depression!).

Nevertheless, despite been challenged by the quizes before my term break, I thought it was really a wake up call for me to fight the monster but no.  I gave in to him effortlessly again now.

Ofcourse, I would have found tons of reasons why I shouldn’t be here studying in the first place; should probably start working and earn money since my family can’t really support me but NO.  I know they would do their very best to see me through this almost-final phase of education and bring some honour to the family.  Many people would see this as normal, but not my family.  To them, I would be the first grandson to have achieve a degree and they would be proud of me.  

I may have to disappoint them but hopefully, lady luck should shine some charm on me and let me go through all these smoothly.  And lady luck please help me fight the ZZZ monster.  

Get him away from me!

And I will learn not to procrastinate because its either DO IT NOW or NEVER.

5 thoughts on “Still procrastinating

  1. @draco: when’s the next time? do it now man! Stop procrastinating!

    @pinky: baby, get it away from me during school hours okay? lol!

  2. Stop stalking me brotha, Haha, I don’t smoke you know, I just merely accompany them, Ridin’ is cool, I regretted somehow for telling mom, Hiak, too late to regret now:( And would you like to get my 75 hoodie for me?HIAK. 😀

  3. Regret lah, cos last time I think for your safety ok (: I am a good sister, Heh, Now i like it, so you wanna go learn?HAHAHA< I want to next time, ! 😛

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