Extraordinary V Conference 2009

It was my first time attending this conference.  Looking at the title, it MAY have sounded formal but its not.  It was a comedy play by FLY Entertainment with local comedians such as Irene Ang and Chua En Lai.  If you are a Singaporean and you haven’t heard of them (or at least, Irene Ang), shame on you seriously.  She acted in a local famous comedy called ‘Phua Chu Kang’ as the main lead’s wife, thus you should have known her!  Anyway, thats not the point.. =x

On a 2hour show:

(In ZIRCA, Singapore)

They did the opening act with introduction from PCD and their faces cropped onto the MVs, then danced onto the center stage with their fake boobies and shaky butts.  Then Irene Ang started her standup comedy solo with 10mins of hilarious jokes.

(Irene Ang as Karen Mok queing outside LV shop in ION Orchard)

(Chua En Lai as a spoilt brat but an ambassador for a ‘good-family’ organisation)

(Irene Ang as Guan Yin Ma, all artistes as swimmers)

Princesspinky collaged the photo so its not according to sequence.  While the local politicians was looking for jobs for their people, they went to see Guan Yin Ma for help.  Its hard to explain alot of things here in words but the money was really well spent.  $48 for 2hours of hilarious crap jokes and 1 mug of beer was indeed satisfying.

The highlights of the event:  ‘The MRT say what circle-line thing, the shape of the new circle line looks more like a cock than a circle!’
‘Why u all wanna act?  U can say CB but u can’t say virgina is it?  Come say with me, Viiirrrr-Ggggiiii—nnnnaaaa!’

The night was fking awesome.  If  you ask me whether I will attend the conference again, I assure you I will if there are tickets!

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