Goodbye JCRC, Hello CEC

This is probably the last 21st JCRC photo ever.  I wonder if we will be in the group again but it really looks like we’re not going to.  SOBZ..

(Im the only one with orange hair now.)  Full of reluctance to give my position away to the new committee but as the Chinese saying goes, ‘without the old ones going off, the new ones can’t go in‘.  The reasons why I choose not to be elected again because I find that the commitment for the club is really over demanding.  Staying back in Hall during holidays was fun but at same time, its more of a wasting time.  Designing for 3newsletters and 1 Magazine, helping some committees to take their photos for free and etc.  All these COSTS.  I have got 5years of Publicity and Publication Experience ever since Polytechnic year 1.  I know my skills are overrated for this position already and I should move on to something more challenging.  Another bad thing is that the freshmen this year seems very sporty and enthusiastic.  I’ve a huge age barrier with them, thus I decided to join the school club, CEC with my clique of buddies.

(our grooming done at bugis)  Oh, the makeup artist wacked on my face tanned foundation, really TANNED.  NB.  Make me look so dark!  Anyway, my decision for joining CEC was because it is a new role and it requires more communication skill!  Now I have a sub-committee of 5members and I hope they would work well under me =)

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