Jay Chou Concert 2010

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In barely 2hours, Singapore official leading ticket seller in charge of selling the tickets for Jay Chou 2010 Concert tickets, Sistic, got ‘raped’ virtually as crazy fans hog on to the website since 9am and telephone lines were so busy, I bet they haven’t have a condition like this before.

The website couldn’t take the load as thousands of fans try to best to click on the button that can bring that them mayhem this 24th July.  His concert was long waited.  Everyone seized the chance of getting the tickets and none, would actually give up their tickets.  The sales started at 9am on the website for OCBC card holders only.  Even for those without OCBC credit/debit cards, they hog on to the tickets for as long as they could so that in the mean time they could get someone with an OCBC card to help them purchase the tickets.

Ironically, I have an OCBC card.  I could have placed my order as early as all the other crazy fans would but I wasnt able to.  In my OCBC Debit card, its value would never exceed more than 3 digits because I would only use it to watch movies.  Occasionally, on Sistic tickets but its really rare, and I would transfer some money in before I purchase the ticket.

The crazy phenomenon is that Everyone SEEMS to own an OCBC card.  I have no idea either.  Tickets were selling damn fast and by the next time you refresh your browser, ‘boo’, whats left is some unwanted category and single seats.  I tried calling into the office, hoping they have their own ‘GUI’ like those cinema tickets where they can choose the seats but the customer service representative insisted that they share the same system as us.  Which is, what they see is the same as us, so it really made the call pointless.

And there were some mofos who actually seized the opportunity to purchase MORE tickets and selling at incredibly HIGH margin.  Cat1 ($228) tickets were selling at $500 each.  Cat 2 ($198) were selling at $400 each.  Cat3 ($168) were selling at $350 each.  The price above was at the point I wanted to make my purchase over the ‘black market’ at phing.com and olx.sg.  After contacting the sellers, they actually raised the value, saying there were people offering at this bid and ask if you wish to increase the bid.

This is auctioning, which is fine.  Duh~ Seems like anyone would really PAY any price beyond imagination to watch his concert BUT… But… BuT.. I deem these retards as mentally challenged.  These black market sellers ARE trying to make a profit and they are supporting their action!  They don’t even host the concert or allows you to gain SPECIAL entry to the concert, its JUST a concert, still.  You’re still sitting down, listening to his melancholy voice but at twice the price others would pay.  If I were to sit beside you and found that you actually pay twice the price, I would paste a label at the back of your seat.  “Retard, Head KENA CHOPPED!”

On another happier note, theres one more concert coming up =)  I hope this time round dont have so many ‘black market’ opportunity and lets enjoy his concert together!

10 thoughts on “Jay Chou Concert 2010

  1. I was in the same position as you. can only get single seats. I purchased 2 more seats on behalf of my frens but later on they managed to get higher CAT seats..so i wanna let go at cost. $98 $3 sistic charge..

  2. Hi! I am dissappointed as well…

    I am sure on 22nd April, the same problem will happen again!

    Those ppl will still grab all the tickets and we will be left with nothing.

    I will try again on 22nd..maybe go to sistic counter instead of trying at home.

    good luck to u !

  3. I think sistic should look into printing the purchaser ‘s name on the ticket to eliminate black market problem. WC 2006 in Germany has started this to avoid pple selling their tickets with high prices in black market.

  4. I am from Bru and I am very dissapointed & very upset to find those tickets are selling at high price. If only there is anyone kind enough to sell it to me at reasonable price, dat would be great T-T

  5. Starseventh: dont worry! There’s another sales on the 22nd april for his 23rd July concert. And this time round its open to public sales as well so you might still have a chance!

  6. hi i happen to have 2 tickets at cat 1: block PA-2 , row 34 2 tickets. superb location and facing the stage.

    also i have a Jay Chou world tour 2010 cap comes with it. date is 24th july saturday. sell at $500 total.

    last minute cant attend lor

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