My 24th Birthday Celebrations

My apologies for this very long outdated post.  I was busy with school camps and re-adjusting myself back to school life again after working nonstop for 3months as a freelance PHP/MySQL web developer and web design…

Had to do some photography coverage for an event that day organised by my manager so I was feeling alittle bit down though, doing work on my birthday is really different but I think as the age goes by, birthday is just another working day =(   But baby girl and her colleagues cheered me up by giving me a surprise reservation at Haagen Dazz in Centerpoint.  We had some ice cream and left for another surprise celebration she says.

And thanks to my dearest pinky, she took her precious time to prepare an unforgettable birthday celebration for me again, somehow which I felt it was better than the 1 I had organised 3years ago for my 21st birthday.  As guys, its a hard fact again that we don’t receive much presents but nonetheless, I enjoyed their company!

She created this invitation card to email to my friends Desmond and Sze yuen to ask them to help gather friends for the celebration:

Me and some of my friends:

And guess what?  There were around 5 other August babies celebrating their birthday there too and the band kept playing the happy birthday song to us.. HAHA.

Feeling abit high and since we haven’t gathered together for some time, we decided to drink again at paradize where we shared a bottle of some unknown liquor:

And I seriously LOVE these guys even though we only meet up like once or twice a month.  We are already together for 11years!

And the present I received from Princess:

A $250 watch which caught my attention last month when I was reading FHM.

Another celebration did took place in a chalet with my school orientation camp group named Gambino:


Last but not least! My forth Celebration took place with my Hall 5 JCRC committee in Serene’s house while we were having meeting:

IM SO DAMN FUCKING HAPPY.  THE MOST NUMBER OF CELEBRATIONS IN MY LIFE (For now…)  How I wish I could forever stay young =( sobs.


Her 20th birthday!

With the help of her mum, I brought her cake over(pre-ordered from bengawan solo, paid & collected by my lovely sister) and her mum helped me setup a small table to put the cake and the presents.  At the stroke of 12am (or maybe alittle later), her mum woked her up from her princess sleep and she was looking really messy!  Thank god she washed up abit after that so that she can be snapped through camera =x  She was really shocked and touched to see me =)

I left her house after having a slice of the cake and brought back 1/2 of the cake because they couldn’t finish it even if I would put there for days.  Then today, we meet up quite early, around 11am in Outram Park, had Hakka Yong  Tau Foo again for lunch, walked around Chinatown and realised that people are actually starting to shop for the Chinese New Year stuffs!  There’re pretty much bargains there now!

Then we went over to Kster (its her first time there la..)

Then we headed over to Nibbles (the one that xiaxue used to review), yeah I was curious about it for quite some time already despite trying it out at Benjy’s house on August.  The fishes here are definitely bigger than ben’s!  It was so ticklish initially!

15mins of Nibbling was really too fast.  Didn’t really feel much kick.  What I didn’t like about the shop is that the salesgirl seem to apply abit of pressure for us to sign up for the package instead of just leaving us alone.  I mean its common in ALL spas and salons.  They psycho you to get packages, then once u sign up for it, they leave you in the lurch just like other ‘idiots’.  Ofcourse I won’t sign this thing up in a hurry.  Im not even working, and Im not addicted to this kinda spa relaxation thing YET.  After being rejected by us several times, the salesgirl realised that she was just wasting her breath, then her attitude totally change, like 180degrees.  Damn it.  This world is too realistic la.  In this service world, they should see customer  needs what.. how can force us 1.. wah lao =/  Thank god in the article she recommended us to read I found some other cheaper place that provide this kind of service.  Maybe the ambience will suck and stink, but who cares!  At least they won’t pressure me to get some useless package.  Somemore there isn’t really alot of fish.

Anyway, after the nibbles, we went to PS and got my mum some photo frames and then we went back Tampines 139 to eat with my mum Steamboat fish (reminds me of the guppa ruppa, the nibbling fishes).

It was a good day well spent for her I hope =).

Baby, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY! Stay pretty and cheerful BUT be less dominant and stubborn! ILU! xoxo!

I hope you like the plans I’ve made for you today and last night!