GAGA in Singapore

My sister has been so eager to watch Lady Gaga perform thus we bought her tickets in early July:

Actual day:

Damn massive crowd.  Poor crowd control and ventilation by LAMCproductions

No doubt, thats me and my sister:

Warm up act by DJ Inquisitive and Beatboxer Dharni:

This is their performance in Mediacorp channel 5’s Live and Loaded show:


And this is Dharni performing in zouk:


I seriously dont understand why are there so many mofos who think that the opening act was lousy.  Maybe the songs was not a really right choice for some BUT Gees they shouldn’t criticise others when they cant do it la seriously.. I will be speechless if they got up the stage to proof that they’re better..  So what even if you’re better?  If you’re an audience, be an audience and let the performer do his job..  Theres always someone better down the stage, we all performers know that.. No matter what, I believe there are always people who can do better down the stage but they know that they should respect the performers.

Lady Gaga Concert Opening:

And towards the end:

Lady GAGA said: “Be yourself and follow your dreams.  If some one stops you from doing so, tell them Lady Gaga told them to FUCK OFF!!”  And when someone tell her to Fuck Off instead, she sings to them… POKER FACE!