Pinkys 21st Birthday Party

I wanted to make her 21st the most memorable birthday celebration for her. Afterall, been 21st is really a huge milestone in one’s life as there will be alot of changes in life to face in time to come.

Being with her for the past 3years to come, we know each other pretty well and our relationship almost maintained still, in ‘honeymoon’ period, which means still sweet. Quarrels are inevitable because of our stubbornness and willfulness, but this did not set us apart and yet made our relationship stronger, bonded. It may seem that we are still a pair of fresh couple living in our honeymoon world but no.

Even before her birthday, the preparation started with me was also tiring. Imagine SMSing 80people and asking them to RSVP for the party when 70% of them did not reply the message. (ok my bad for not mentioning my name and the time of the party) but they could ask me while RSVPing! I also took an off-day to go spotlight to buy the necessary items to decorate her guestbook which costs me $80 and $25 for her printed photos for the use on the guestbook! It took me 8hours to prepare her guestbook, excluding 3hours standing like a scarecrow in Spotlight at Plaza Singapura.

Had an entire busy day for her birthday; went out in the afternoon with her mum to buy extra food just incase her buffet food was not enough. Then went to check in at Aranda Chalet, unloaded all the required items from my van such as 30stools, 2 foldable tables, food and drinks. Then while resting, I waited for the decoration team people to decorate her room with 100 HElium balloons and 42 will be used for clusterings. The balloons clusters are used to decorate the room at a lower level so that not all the balloons are high up. It is also nicer to take photos with the balloon clusters. I thought that 100balloons were too exaggerating but no, it wasn’t even filling up 1/5 of the living room, that how small 100 balloons cover.

Her relatives were kind to come in early at about 5pm to ask if I needed help for the party but I reckoned there wasn’t much things left to do in the first place, so they went off to E!hub with their kids to play.

Guests started to come in at around 7pm, earlier than expected (7.30pm) , while the food buffet was still been setup. It wasn’t that bad, guests who came earlier gets to eat first of course. Waited until about 8.30pm when most of the guests are in the room and even some outside her room. 1 of a biggest personal event I ever organised with an estimated turnout rate of at least 80 guests.

Getting her guestbook signed wasnt easy. I initially left it on the table near the entrance but someone moved it to the dining table and many people wasn’t aware of that, so I passed the book to Pinky so that when she was moving around chatting with her friends she could ask them to sign the book as well.

Personally, I also prepared the Chocolate Fondue fountain which I had bought for her as her christmas present 2009. Placed marshmallows, strawberries, kiwis, bananas and waffle biscuits for the guest and I’m so glad that they loved it.

Everything starts wrapping up after she was invited to cut her cake at 10pm because it was getting late and many people are leaving. Her $150 3KG 3D custom Gucci cake by Pine Gardens made the guests go ‘WOW!’, thats 1 of a expensive cake they have ever eaten, too, I believe.

(photos to come)


My 24th Birthday Celebrations

My apologies for this very long outdated post.  I was busy with school camps and re-adjusting myself back to school life again after working nonstop for 3months as a freelance PHP/MySQL web developer and web design…

Had to do some photography coverage for an event that day organised by my manager so I was feeling alittle bit down though, doing work on my birthday is really different but I think as the age goes by, birthday is just another working day =(   But baby girl and her colleagues cheered me up by giving me a surprise reservation at Haagen Dazz in Centerpoint.  We had some ice cream and left for another surprise celebration she says.

And thanks to my dearest pinky, she took her precious time to prepare an unforgettable birthday celebration for me again, somehow which I felt it was better than the 1 I had organised 3years ago for my 21st birthday.  As guys, its a hard fact again that we don’t receive much presents but nonetheless, I enjoyed their company!

She created this invitation card to email to my friends Desmond and Sze yuen to ask them to help gather friends for the celebration:

Me and some of my friends:

And guess what?  There were around 5 other August babies celebrating their birthday there too and the band kept playing the happy birthday song to us.. HAHA.

Feeling abit high and since we haven’t gathered together for some time, we decided to drink again at paradize where we shared a bottle of some unknown liquor:

And I seriously LOVE these guys even though we only meet up like once or twice a month.  We are already together for 11years!

And the present I received from Princess:

A $250 watch which caught my attention last month when I was reading FHM.

Another celebration did took place in a chalet with my school orientation camp group named Gambino:


Last but not least! My forth Celebration took place with my Hall 5 JCRC committee in Serene’s house while we were having meeting:

IM SO DAMN FUCKING HAPPY.  THE MOST NUMBER OF CELEBRATIONS IN MY LIFE (For now…)  How I wish I could forever stay young =( sobs.


Sweet little surprises

Had my first exam paper of the semester today.  Let me tell you, it sucks.  I would be surprised if I could made it with a C, just because I spent the first hour and half doing 1 question, and by the time I realise, oh f**K not enough time.  And I didn’t notice the time despite having my watch on my wrist; I only noticed the time when I had discomfort with my stomach and thus I decided to raise up my hand, swallow my pride and go to the washroom.

Damn it.  I really hope that moderation do WORKS.  Please bless me.

And with the bad day, Pinky has given me a small present as a surprise for our monthly-versary.  She gave me a guitar! Something I’ve always watched behind the shop windows just to admire it for that few minutes; she bought me 1! it looks big and fun!

Note: the guitar is a miniature one.  Its just for display purposes only. =x


Valentines Day

No doubt, I’ve always used to whine about businesses during this period of time.  Love is like, happening everyday and why must everyone use this special day, only, to express their love to their love ones.  Its a profitable day for businesses and relationships because this is the day many couples get together, but just for the sake of this day and then couldn’t withstand the days after that.  I’ve got everything against this day, believe me.  I hate restaurants for being fully booked with their ‘lame’ pre-defined couple set with dishes that sounds so norm but yet costly; I wish the stocks would jet up as much as the flowers today and there are many, many girls with flowers on their hand walking around proudly.  What about those single souls?

Nevertheless, even with all these whines, I’ve decided to re-bring myself to accept this day that faithfully belongs to all the girls in the world who deserves a day where their special one brings them to a nice restaurant and present them flowers.

Our day wasn’t really splendid, I screwed it up by over-sleeping in my warm bedroom with my girl shouting over at my window shouting me to wake up.  Initially, I thought it was a surprise from her but then, when I saw the clock, OH SHIT.  I was late for a date, ON THIS DAY! damn it.  Not spoiling the day, I hoaxed her with a nicely done 12R (12″ x 18″) photo in a wooden photoframe.  She melted.

So then, we went to Jurong Point after that for a meal at the food court with our favourite dishes, Curry Chicken and Pork Ribs.  I am not a miser, I am just trying to save more so that we can have better food and drinks later at the restaurant in CHIJMES.  I brought her to my school for a short while as I have a dance rehearsal for this coming thursday; yes I will be dancing.  Gees could you just stop laughing! I then passed her the bouquet of 12roses with a silly monkey that is so cute, I bet she can’t resist.  She love soft toys, and I know I’ve given her most of the things she needed, so why not pamper her once again with a soft toy into her collection?

After the rehearsal, I brought her over to Cityhall, CHIJMES and setlled down in the restaurant that I’ve booked last week, Le Baroque.  My friends told me not to go there because of their customer service but still, I took the shot because I know I will like the ambience.  I’ve always looked forward to fine dining in a restaurant with live music.  Although this isn’t posh enough, at least it was in the center of CHIJMES, open aired with couples surronding us and love was really all around.  We ordered a Meat Platter for two (I love meat; Im a carnivore!) and a Long Island Tea for her and a bittersweet cough-syrup-like Screaming Orgasm.  We sat down by the table from 7.30pm and enjoyed our dinner all the way till 10pm (the servings were really BIG!)

Then I brought her into the bar with the live band, something which I have always wanted to do for the past 2years.  I enjoy listening to live bands, they’re cool and worth the money to spend, to watch them perform although they’re not any superstars, but its just nice to listen to live music.

So today, I’ve finally done something which I’ve always wanted to do for the past few years and thus, this day is specially well spent =)

To end this post, I love you baby and I know you feel the same way too!


Her 20th birthday!

With the help of her mum, I brought her cake over(pre-ordered from bengawan solo, paid & collected by my lovely sister) and her mum helped me setup a small table to put the cake and the presents.  At the stroke of 12am (or maybe alittle later), her mum woked her up from her princess sleep and she was looking really messy!  Thank god she washed up abit after that so that she can be snapped through camera =x  She was really shocked and touched to see me =)

I left her house after having a slice of the cake and brought back 1/2 of the cake because they couldn’t finish it even if I would put there for days.  Then today, we meet up quite early, around 11am in Outram Park, had Hakka Yong  Tau Foo again for lunch, walked around Chinatown and realised that people are actually starting to shop for the Chinese New Year stuffs!  There’re pretty much bargains there now!

Then we went over to Kster (its her first time there la..)

Then we headed over to Nibbles (the one that xiaxue used to review), yeah I was curious about it for quite some time already despite trying it out at Benjy’s house on August.  The fishes here are definitely bigger than ben’s!  It was so ticklish initially!

15mins of Nibbling was really too fast.  Didn’t really feel much kick.  What I didn’t like about the shop is that the salesgirl seem to apply abit of pressure for us to sign up for the package instead of just leaving us alone.  I mean its common in ALL spas and salons.  They psycho you to get packages, then once u sign up for it, they leave you in the lurch just like other ‘idiots’.  Ofcourse I won’t sign this thing up in a hurry.  Im not even working, and Im not addicted to this kinda spa relaxation thing YET.  After being rejected by us several times, the salesgirl realised that she was just wasting her breath, then her attitude totally change, like 180degrees.  Damn it.  This world is too realistic la.  In this service world, they should see customer  needs what.. how can force us 1.. wah lao =/  Thank god in the article she recommended us to read I found some other cheaper place that provide this kind of service.  Maybe the ambience will suck and stink, but who cares!  At least they won’t pressure me to get some useless package.  Somemore there isn’t really alot of fish.

Anyway, after the nibbles, we went to PS and got my mum some photo frames and then we went back Tampines 139 to eat with my mum Steamboat fish (reminds me of the guppa ruppa, the nibbling fishes).

It was a good day well spent for her I hope =).

Baby, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY! Stay pretty and cheerful BUT be less dominant and stubborn! ILU! xoxo!

I hope you like the plans I’ve made for you today and last night!