The unrevealed truth? was it?

So, many read the news via the local news channel and stereotyped that the guy who had committed suicide after stabbing a professor in NTU was depressed and couldn’t take things in his stride.

However, on facebook, there is a group of people, who I believe are his clan people, trying to help him to seek justice in another way.

Well, Im in no position to speak this but I really wonder if the local media are reporting the facts or they’re just reporting what they had received from anonymous people. See, if its not a fact, it should not be in the news. Yes the fact that he died, but the actual story behind it was not? Enough of the talking, read the article posted by his friend in blogspot here.


Ntu student suicide after stabbing lecturer

Weijia broke this news to me when I bumped into him at the Old canteen A of NTU.  Gees.  This is indeed a nightmare for the lecturer:

A final year engineering student at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) jumped from a campus block after stabbing a professor Monday morning.

The professor was in his office at the engineering faculty when the student stabbed him in the back with a knife, leaving him injured.

After stabbing, the male student, who was in his 20s, slit his wrists and jumped off a five-storey high building.

Police say they received a call about the incident at 10.35am, and arrived to find the student dead at the bottom of the engineering block.

A shocking news indeed. Read more about it on ChannelNewsAsia site.

And alot of commotions about it when I was walking around the campus, students are pretty concerned with this matter and how would the school handle.  Others, were treating it like some kind of drama, thinking that this would only happen in the foreign countries (recall about the student that went on berserk rage with his gun?).  Some, was wondering if the student was a native because native, don’t do such things but hey, we do much more silly things than the others do.