MirrorImage xMAS celebration 08

Joined my girlfriend’s company for christmas celebration at Waraku in Cuppage road, watched a performance at cuppage plaza by danzpeople (and Lilian) and followed by KTV at the partyworld in Liang Court..  Drank & Sang our lungs out till 2am!

This rose was bought by yours truly and pinky for Lilian who performed with the danzpeople for their performance in celebration for their first year anniversary!  I love the post process.  Bloodly red.

Then went to Marina Square this afternoon for lunch.. had our favourite ban mian and you mian, watch christmas carol, helped sunny to collect his flash diffusers, wasted $20 on the ‘UFO catcher’ thing of soft toys..  I have a love-hate relationship with these machines!  Sometimes its too easy, and most of the times it’s not easy.  Damn it!

Walked to Bugis to get our mum handbags, and then met Kelvin at the MRT station before heading to Somerset to meet Miguel as he invited us to join him and his friends pre-xmas celebration at his friend’s place in Somerset.. it was really a fun party man.. get to meet new friends and play alittle bit of rockband..